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that's why we offer a variety of services.


Comprehensive Academic Tutorials

These tutorials are truly what set us apart. We impart four essential academic skills – organization, time management, study strategies, goal setting – that will improve your child’s grades, reduce their stress, develop their academic self-esteem, and increase communication between you and your child.


Admissions Test Prep

Many desirable academic programs require students to take a test for admittance.  Whether your child needs to develop stronger essay writing techniques or a better understanding of test taking strategies, we will teach them how to cultivate these skills. We have helped students gain admittance into many schools including Kealing MS, LASA HS, and the McCallum Fine Arts Academy.


Subject Tutorials


For most students, mastering organization and study techniques will lead to improved grades and academic self-esteem. However, many students struggle with individual subjects. Our Subject Specific Tutorials will help with:
Mathematics, Science, Reading and Writing Comprehension, History, English,Foreign Languages 


College Readiness

Often the demands of high school – homework, final exams, AP Tests, the SAT, the college application process – are discussed in isolated terms. We believe in a more comprehensive approach. Like all of our services, we cater to your child’s individual strengths and develop an individualized strategy to best help them through the college admissions process.


Education Consulting


We have ample experience helping Austin families determine which school option is best based on their child's academic strengths, extra curricular interests, and personality.
We will review all of your child's school options, curriculum strengths, college goals to help you navigate the application process.


Summer Readiness

Too often students lose valuable information over the summer and start the school year at a deficit. Our seasoned tutors reinforce prior knowledge and lay the foundation for your child’s fall curriculum.