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Many tutoring agencies specialize in increasing students' conceptual Understanding of Academic subjects. We Go Beyond that.



"I feel smarter, more responsible, and happier. I feel more prepared for high school because I know I can meet my goals and I feel more confident in my ability."

- 8th grader at O’Henry Middle School

"I am more confident about what I can do, both at school and with my after school activities. Being organized and having higher grades has helped to make better impressions with my friends, teachers, and parents. When I was unorganized I felt dirty and stressed out, now I feel neat and powerful."
- 7th grader at Gorzycki Middle School
"Encompass taught me so many skills about not just passing school, but life. I learned that doing well in school isn't about intelligence but about value life skills like setting goals, planning, and following through. Not to mention all the tutors I've met through here have been really charismatic and supportive; several of them I consider lifelong role models!"     
- 12th grader at the Academy of Global Studies

parenting is rewarding - and challenging. We decrease family stress by developing your child's ability to be an independent learner.



"I wanted to take a moment to express how great its been having [my daughter] work with you last year and over the summer on the writing workshop.  She really seems to be learning and getting a lot out of it, so thank you for what you both do!  It takes a village, as they say, to raise kids these days and we are grateful to have people like you and a service like Encompass to help us out along the way.  Thank you!"

- Parent to an Anderson HS 11th Grader

"Words cannot describe how happy I am that you have guided [John] through this process.  I’ve had to do a bit of nagging at home, but nothing like I’ve heard from other parents.  Since this is the last fall I’ll have with him, I really didn’t want to spend it screaming at him about [college] deadlines.  You’ve made that possible  - thanks!"
- Parent to a Bowie HS 12th Grader
"[We] have seen a much different attitude from [our son] over the last month or so - he's much more willing to put in extra effort, is doing so on his own, and is proud of his results. 
Thank you so much!"

- Parent to a LASA HS 10th Grader


school counselors help connect students to necessary resources. we compliment the work they do.


"As I was reading about your services, I was screaming YESSSSS in my head! That is EXACTLY what our kids need help with - not necessarily the content of subjects, but organization, time management , goal setting, and execution! Now, that is a general statement. Some do need some assistance with content, but most can do the work they just struggle with juggling everything.
There is simply no way that the counselors can take on this task, so we are very grateful to you for your service. The counselors direct students to teacher office hours, peer tutoring, etc. But one-on-one coaching is not something we have the resources to provide on a regular basis. We appreciate you!"

  - LASA Guidance Counselor